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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I don't want to get too much into it. This I an iPad forum and I want to respect that people didn't come here to talk about Surface tablets. Briefly, it just depends on what you want from a tablet. I'm a fairly heavy Office user. Office-compatible doesn't work. The fact that its more of a...
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Wow, my thread has lived on. We're now Apple free at my house. Surface RT came out and I jumped ship. I was very happy for the iPad when it came out. It filled a need no one else could at the time. I do miss a few apps, but overall I needed Office, better printing and better ability to browse...
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    Adobe and Flash

    Amazon's new file storage and web player would be nice on the ipad. You can keep you music in the "cloud" and stream it from a web browser. It requires flash. There's a dozen or so things I really wish I could do like that, but I'm making it ok without.
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    Is it just me or does IPAD2 camera really stink?

    I would be very happy with a 2MP camera that had good image processing and low light capabilities. 0.7MP is a joke. The worst freebie give-a-way phones out there have 1.3MP cameras now.
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    Is it just me or does IPAD2 camera really stink?

    I remember no long ago people used to say "Who wants a camera on a phone? I have a digital camera for that" I have a pretty nice digital camera too, but its not with me all day every day and connected to the internet via 3G and wifi. I don't need my portable camera to be amazing, but a tiny...
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    Doc Editor with Handwriting Recognition

    Sounds more like Tablet PC territory
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    Why does itunes suck so bad.

    I rarely have problems with iTunes anymore - I only use it to update the iPad :) not using it has pretty much fixed all the annoyances. It may be heresy to say here, but check out the Zune desktop software. Its years ahead of iTunes in usability. It will play any format and auto convert when...
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    What is Ipad 4.2 real battery life

    I havent tested since updating to 4, but I could run my battery down to 30% or by noon with bluetooth on, screen all the way up and 3G on. Gaming definitely drains. Gaming with bluetooth for audio does it even faster.
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    Why does itunes suck so bad.

    Its just something you have to put up with if you want to run a Apple device. It all works great if you buy all your music in iTunes, and play it on Apple devices. ;) Its partly about optimizing hardware decoding with limited formats (efficiency, battery life and such) and partly about making...
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    Ms office compatibility

    I wouldnt hold out for that. The article I read to that effect was taking a comment someone at MS said about supporting "other popular platforms" or something like that and assuming that meant the iPad. I would love to see it happen, but I'm not holding my breath. I would be happy if they would...
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    Problem applying Zagg Invisible Shield

    The key for me was keeping my hands wet enough. Its tricky, but doable.
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    I hardly ever hook up my iPad to my computer...

    Its been a few months since I have synced. I have no need to back up. All my music in on my home PCs, I don't buy any from iTunes. I do the old fashioned cd rip thing ;) All my apps can be downloaded again easily in case of a crash. All my files are in drop box. All my mail, contacts, etc are...
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    Why iTunes on your PC?

    The only reason you cant is because Apple doesnt provide the option. Even though its big, the iPad is still a mobile device with a mobile OS that is not quite robust enough to stand on its own. yet.
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    My iPad seems to be dead!

    Its happened to be once as well. I dont know of any way to guarantee that it wont happen again. Its just buggy software, I guess - narrowing down the culprit when it happens so infrequently is almost impossible.
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    Has anyone visited and see how their advertising the iPad??

    haha, yeah, basic flip phones can probably out perform that $8500 desktop.