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  1. OUTL4W

    iPad forum app not working

    I use chrome on iOS to access the forum...I find Xenforo is already responsive enough without having to use 3rd party software....even with ALL the ads. From a user standpoint tapatalk is a great way to keep all your forums together in one place. But from a website owners standpoint tapatalk...
  2. OUTL4W

    Post your Pet

    Thought this was kinda cute
  3. OUTL4W

    Post your Pet

    In the vehicle at the vets after he just got his yearly temperament shots and we were there because the lil brat won't stop licking his paw raw... He's 15yr old the top of the life'll almost will def be rough...
  4. OUTL4W

    Popular Photo Editing Pixelmator App for Mac is Coming to the iPad

    A lot of these apps suffer on mobile, imo. Don't get me wrong I'll prolly add this to my collection of art studio, PS touch and the likes. But you can't just download free custom brushes from deviant art or free fonts from dafont and install on the fly. But I'm sure there will in-app...
  5. OUTL4W

    iOS 8 - Opinion... likes, dislikes, glitches (solutions?)

    Why can't we change the color of the clock/app labels when using custom wallpaper?...when you choose an official apple wallpaper with bright background it will auto change the color of the font on the lock & home screen so why can't I change it manually when using a custom BG?...or can I?
  6. OUTL4W

    Needing help/advice

    Sounds like an outgoing SMTP port issue...did you manually set up the email in the ipad or let the ipad auto setup after entering credentials? Which email service do you use?
  7. OUTL4W

    YouTube App with Search & Sort?

    If mctube works for you then that's fine but this is what I see when look at top charts in the App Store: If you really want it...perhaps just searching "google" will bring up everything google property related.
  8. OUTL4W

    YouTube App with Search & Sort?

    yup...goto "top charts" tab in app store and its the 1st app for "free"
  9. OUTL4W

    YouTube App with Search & Sort?

    Can't you use the new "youtube app" on 6.0 and do your standard search then tap cog wheel in upper right and allows to sort by your preference.
  10. OUTL4W

    iPad Mini Sells Out Across the Board as Amazon Goes on the Attack

    MS "surface" just might give them a battle.....keyword "might".
  11. OUTL4W

    Hue iOS-Controlled Light bulb System Goes Onsale in Apple Stores

    59$ each?....good lord...they better last 10years....
  12. OUTL4W

    Hurricane Sandy

    Video - Breaking News Videos from crane nyc
  13. OUTL4W

    Post your Pet

  14. OUTL4W

    Post your Pet

    Here's Roscoe...80lb pittbull. " leave me alone before I rip your throat out"
  15. OUTL4W

    Is it possible to connect a video game controller to the ipad 2?

    finally a control pad for ipad/ batteries required... too bad only 31 games are supported....they need to partner with gameloft...