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    US iPad - Travel to Canada

    If you want 3G up here you can get 5GB of data from Bell for about $35, Telus offers 500MB for 20 bucks. Factor in a micro SIM card (approx$10) and taxes and you're looking at 35 - 50 dollars. You have to sign up for 30 days but can cancel when it RNA out. As earlier posters have...
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    Why Would You Jump Ship?

    Might look at the Asus Eeepad transformer. With the keyboard/docking station battery life is approx 16 hours. Saw one at Staples. Sort of nice.
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    How often you connect your iPad to computer (iTunes)?

    Usually at least once a day to side load books.
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    How many movies do you have on your iPad?
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    iPad + separate dedicated ebook reader?

    iPad+Kobo (1st gen). I like the kobo for outdoor reading but usually I use iPad rest of the time. Might upgrade to the new Kobo touch.
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    Your most used app? 1. 2. 3.

    1. iBooks 2. Angry Birds 3. Good reader 4. USA Today 5. Safari
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    Did you use a full 64 gb on your Ipad ?

    I've always believed that it's not the size of your memory but how well you use it...but then I have a 16 gig so it could just be envy on my part. Btw, of the 16 pn mine I use about 10.
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    Got an itunes card what should I get?

    I'd go for: Angry birds....a fun time waster Goodreader - greet with .PDF files Cloudreaders - great for "graphic novels" Pages Logmein ignition
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    Ottawa Hospital Orders 1,800 iPad 2s

    Meditech is a company that is well known in healthcare circles as providing a variety of EMR software modules. Here's a link to a blog that shows what one place is doing: Fauquier ENT Blog: New Video Produced on Using MediTech EMR on the iPad! In my Informatics department we'd love to see...
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    Will you name your Ipad?

    I refuse to name anything that will not come if I call it.....:)
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    Friendly for iPad

    Update from the Friendly page on FB states that Apple has agreed to give the fixed app priority in the approval process. No word on an eta for the fix though.
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    Friendly for iPad

    According to the FB page for Friendly They've submitted the "fixed" version to Apple for approval so hopefully the app will work properly again shortly....
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    iPad1 owners: Will you upgrade to iPad2?

    My wife was saying she'd like an iPad so if we get a second one it'll be an iPad 2 3G and she'll take over mine...but it's not a must have.
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    i spend most time using my…

    I have to use a PC at work but the iPad is my device of choice for the rest of the day.