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  1. Midranger4

    No music on games

    Common bug From general settings set side switch to mute. Physically flip switch to mute. Physically flip switch to unmute. All should be well.
  2. Midranger4

    Ipad opening apps itself and typing itself

    Sounds like the touchscreen may be malfunctioning. Take it to the nearest apple store and hope you can recreate the problem. If you can they will likely either fix or replace the unit if no external damage is present. Good luck !
  3. Midranger4

    Sending emails

    If only sending is impacted suspect bad password or setup on outbound smtp server for the account. You can drill into the outbound settings for the account but you can reset both inbound and outbound by deleting and recreating the account.
  4. Midranger4

    Ipad screen blurry

    :( Looks like the graphics accelerator is failing :( If we are seeing the "natural death" of an iPad I am concerned based solely on the timeframe between manufacture date and failure date. While outside the warranty period are we to accept that within x months critical hardware components can...
  5. Midranger4

    Ipad screen blurry

    Can you post a screennshot of the problem?
  6. Midranger4

    Ipad 3 no sounds

    Hmmmmm Sure sounds like the common issue if system sounds are working while in app sounds are not. If your iPad switch was already set to mute when you followed steps change it to auto rotate then change it back to mute. Also make sure side switch is in off position before following the...
  7. Midranger4

    How on earth do you really remove safari history??

    Selective website data can be managed/deleted. See screen shot found under safari/advanced/website data. I've tested with select sites and I presume it to be cookie data as I was required to logon again to the site after deleting it's site specific data.
  8. Midranger4

    Ipad 3 no sounds

    Common bug....perform the following From settings/Use side switch To/select Mute Now mute iPad from side switch. (red dot will be visible on switch when set to on) Now unmute ipad from side switch. (red dot not visible when set to off) Now test and sounds will be working again.
  9. Midranger4

    Clip Board

    Once copied into the clipboard the text/item remains on the clipboard until one of two things happen. 1. Another copy is performed effectively overwriting the previous contents of the clipboard 2. The iPad is power cycled and clipboard is reset. So you can potentially have something on the...
  10. Midranger4

    iPad 2 not connecting to Wi-Fi after 5.1.1 update!!

    Can you explain this anomaly? Are the white boxes by design or simply a known issue?
  11. Midranger4

    iPad 2 not connecting to Wi-Fi after 5.1.1 update!!

    I'm no jailbreak expert but just from the sounds of your multiple issues I would certainly punt at this point. How painful is a restore compared to the pain you are experiencing now?
  12. Midranger4

    ipad going crazy

    Thank you very much for posting this success story! Bookmarked!
  13. Midranger4

    Cracked iPad 3 screen

    Here is a link to help you determine repairs done by Apple : Any DIY repair of an iPad is risky. If you search on YouTube you will find many DIY repairs gone well....and not so well. Regardless of the result...
  14. Midranger4

    Best iPad tweaks that work with iPad 3?

    I am certain jail broken devices have much greater flexibility in this regard but from a standard iOS perspective I would simply offer the basic settings that seem popular and appear to best save battery power. 1. Set brightness to manual and at about the halfway point of the slider. Adjust...
  15. Midranger4

    Closing apps

    Oh and by the way....I have ALL the Skylander characters! I lost several nights of my life.....but I got the buggers!