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    Ultra thin back case for New Ipad? (2017)

    Thanks in advance for reading. I am looking for the thinnest available back case for the new Ipad-that will also work with a separate Smart Cover or something similar (not sure is Apple still sells them as just covers anymore?).
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    Can I downgrade to ios7 on an IPAD 3?

    My parents dloaded IOS8 on an IPAD 3 and are now experiencing lots of problems. Is there anyway for the to roll back to ios7?
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    Why is my battery dying when my IPAD is off?

    Very possible. Where would/could I trun "push notifications" off and what do you mean by "email turned on"? Apologies but I am not the most savvy person when it comes to this stuff...
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    Why is my battery dying when my IPAD is off?

    Ive been noticing that when I wake up in the morning, my IPAD has lost a significant amount of power, even though its been off. Further, I have all sounds turned off. Could it be the home screen notifications? If so, doesn't the screen only turn on when I open the smart cover? Your...
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    Recommendation for a quality DIY IPAD 3 cracked-screen repair-kit?

    Thanks Leelai. What if I originally bought the Ipad at Best Buy and not at Apple? Will they still swap it out?
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    Recommendation for a quality DIY IPAD 3 cracked-screen repair-kit?

    My main concern here is finding a seller who sells repair kits with IPAD-comparable-quality screens? Also, how hard is this to do at home? Is it worth the savings or should I just go swap it out at an Apple store (which I thing runs about $300)?
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    I no longer enjoy using my Ipad.

    I havent read up on this forum for some time now but are most people not liking the new IOS? Everything on my IPAD is sluggish, the animation is jittery (and horrible to look at) and all of my favorite apps appear to have been redesigned by 5 year olds, rendering some of them nearly impossible...
  8. K

    Can someone explain how my Ipad is playing an MKV file in Dropbox?

    Does Dropbox have its own video player? I put an MKV movie in my Dropbox to view through Infuse (another multi-format player) but its allowing me to play the film right in Dropbox! What am I missing here?
  9. K

    Recommendations for high quality Ipad Games

    Looking for the more intelligent, challenging games. i loved World of Goo and Interlocked so am into good puzzles but wouldnt mind looking at other genres too (platforms, shooters, etc). What are a couple of your absolute/not to miss favorites? Thanks!
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    IPAD 3: How come I cant get my Ipad to stream HD content to my TV?

    I am trying to stream HBO GO to my Apple TV via my IPAD but all of the shows are in standard definition (in this case, Game of Thrones). Am I doing something wrong?
  11. K

    All my sounds are off but IPAD 3 still making sounds:

    So my IPAD is making noises/sounds when I get Facebook notifications but I have all the sounds set to "off" under settings, including the ones for Facebook. What am I missing here?
  12. K

    Jail-breaking Chrome and making it the default browser on Ipad 3?

    Thank you Marilyn. Are there any real dangers in Jailbreaking? All I want is to have a browser that uses gestures. Theres not much else I am looking for.
  13. K

    Jail-breaking Chrome and making it the default browser on Ipad 3?

    I know its possible but was wondering if someone could point in the right direction with regard to online instructions. Further, does this version of Chrome have "back/forward-swipe" gestures too?
  14. K

    Can I somehow widen/elongate my movie-viewing screen?

    I ripped a movie and am watching it on my IPAD but the screen is much to narrow (from top to bottom). I've tried the little "widen" button on the top left corner (when in landscape mode) but it magnifies the screen too much. Do I have any other options?