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  1. JF7FSU

    News Corp’s The Daily Makes Loss of $10 Million in Q2

    They lost me when they came out with their outrageous pricing. I wonder how may deleted the app like I did?
  2. JF7FSU

    Iphone as a wifi tether for Ipad

    Droid? How about jail breaking his iPhone 4 and adding mywi and doing the same thing.
  3. JF7FSU

    Ipad 2 not being detected

    I finally got Otto recognize the vista machine but it still won't on the win 7.
  4. JF7FSU

    Ipad 2 not being detected

    I updated my iPad 2 to 4.3.1 and I cant get either of my computers to detect the iPad. One is win7 and one is Vista. Used different cables too. Anyone else having this issue? My iPhone 4 is detected.
  5. JF7FSU

    .jpg attachemnt not viewable on iPad2?

    It only shows a paperclip on the left side listing the emails. When I go into the right side for the content there is no paperclip and no content. That is what is weird. A friend sent it to me asking me about it if I could see it and I could not on the iPad or iPhone. On my Laptop (PC) I was...
  6. JF7FSU

    .jpg attachemnt not viewable on iPad2?

    I received an email with a .jpg attachment. I can view it on my laptop,but not on my iPad for some reason? It shows a paperclip on the iPad but it is nowhere to be found? Am I crazy or missing something here?
  7. JF7FSU

    greenpois0n not working

    I can't speak for the iPad, but I had a lot of trouble getting GP into DFU mode and it took several times to get it right.
  8. JF7FSU

    Will the iPad2 have swype?

    There is an app for iOS called ShapeWriter Pro that is the same as swype. I have it.
  9. JF7FSU

    Ipad 2 or Xoom? - Honest Question

    Xoom: I seriously considered it. No flash at launch. Beta thereafter. No sd card support at launch. No LTE support without mailing in your unit? Pinch and zoom clunky and choppy. Honeycomb really a beta and not thoroughly tested. Heavy and thick. iPad 2: butter.
  10. JF7FSU

    Pending credit card charge

    I just got the email mine shipped. It looks like the next batch from the 5-7 days went out 3/19.
  11. JF7FSU

    Pending credit card charge

    One for the wife, sorry.
  12. JF7FSU

    Pending credit card charge

    I already got one on launch day. I had pre-ordered one as well to hedge myself. So my impressions are that it is a phenomenal device.
  13. JF7FSU

    Pending credit card charge

    Just checked my Amex and saw a pending charge for my iPad 2. Mine was expected in 5-7 days march 22-25th. Order page not updated yet but I'll bet it will be tomorrow.
  14. JF7FSU

    Smart Cover with Back

    You need to break it in for a few days. I have the standing/viewing position working fine. Also it will fold all the way back once it breaks in and lie flat without damaging the spine. The microfiber easily picks up stuff I was surprised at this as well. My understanding is the apple cover...
  15. JF7FSU

    Smart Cover with Back

    It's the faux leather. It feels very good.