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  1. f4780y

    iOS 8 is now Installed on 60% of iPhones and iPads

    I'm still doing my bit for the "5%" (see signature) ! ;)
  2. f4780y

    Any solution to memory dissapearing?

    Best bet is to give us a list of all the JB tweaks you have installed. It is bound to be one (or more) of those...
  3. f4780y

    Is Passcode On Required

    To answer the OP's original question, it is NOT absolutely necessary that you have a passcode. It is simply personal choice, and as you have heard, the recommendation of most users is to have a passcode set. You may also want to look at the option under Settings > Passcode > Require Passcode...
  4. f4780y

    Password pilot not saving password

    I don't believe Password Pilot is working on 8.1.x yet. It certainly wasn't working on 8.1.1 the last time I checked, but to be honest, with TouchID on the Air2, I personally don't have any need for this tweak any more... Sorry.
  5. f4780y

    Be gone, ye foul stock icons! Pretty please?

    Hi Coffeeboy. Apologies as I am late to the party (was enjoying New Year parties IRL!). You might like to try something like "MIUI 6 for iOS8" - $1.99 on Cydia, which is fully iPad compatible. See below...
  6. f4780y

    Screen flickering, freezing, and acting all strange

    Hi Superfandango. I'm pretty sure from what you are describing that you have developed a hardware fault and this is nothing at all to do with jailbreaking, IOS, or any of the software on your device. It could be a dry joint / solder point or the ribbon cable could be working loose. Temperature...
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  8. f4780y

    Jailbreak iPad 4 7.1.1 error?

    It's not unusual for iPad's to be locked in the UK when bought direct from a carrier such as Vodafone, or via a highstreet phone shop. I have one locked to Orange / EE. krs360 - You no doubt got the iPad significantly cheaper than retail in return for the commitment to the carrier contract. The...
  9. f4780y

    Notability App Data Lost after upgrade/restore of Jailbroken iPad 2, HELP!

    Notability syncs with several cloud services including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. Personally, I store my notes on my Dropbox. You didn't have a similar setup, did you? If so, your notes are likely on the cloud storage platform you used, and not in your backup. Overall, the problem...
  10. f4780y

    TUTORIAL - Re-restore IOS 5.x on iPad2 and iPad3 using redsn0w and SHSH Blobs

    This is an internet forum, and I'm sorry you feel the need to criticise the current accuracy of a post that I created over a year ago, and worked perfectly well for many months and for countless re-restores, and is still perfectly valid for non-cellular devices. It isn't possible on a forum...
  11. f4780y

    HOW TO - Resolve iTunes Unknown Error 3194

    Yes. You simply cannot update your iPad to 6.1.1 or 6.1.2 now. You either need to stay on 5.1.1 or move to 7.0.x without a jailbreak.
  12. f4780y

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    There is almost zero chance that you will purchase any new iPad4 device today and find that it has a jailbreakable version of IOS on it. Yes, of course if you find one with 6.1.2 on it you can jailbreak it, but the chances of that are slim. You would have to find one that had been sitting on a...
  13. f4780y

    TUTORIAL - Failsafe method to restore the current version of IOS

    Error3 is usually a synchronisation error, and nothing to do with a restore. Since you are trying to install IOS7 are you SURE you are using the latest versions of everything? You must be on the latest iTunes to install 7 flawlessly. To be honest, you really shouldn't need to follow this...
  14. f4780y

    iPad in recovery mode - Need to recover data

    Sorry, but if you didn't take a recent backup of the device, either via iTunes or iCloud, before you attempted the update then there isn't much that can be done. The only solution I've seen work once was actually jailbreaking the device. Since you don't say what device you have or what version...
  15. f4780y

    Force orientation on specific apps?

    No there isn't. Since you have to physically turn the device around in order to hold it a different way, what's the problem letting the iPad change the orientation itself? Are you sure you don't have orientation lock set on by accident? Or of not, maybe you would be better setting the side...