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  1. epoche

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Yah, mine has been sitting in Ontario CA since Sunday. Wonder how will get to AZ by tomorrow if truck dosen't leave dock. Ordered 64GB WiFi on the 7th, early in the cycle. Says will deliver before 4:30 tomorrow.
  2. epoche

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    My 64GB WiFi black left Ontario, CA, on the 11th in route to Green Valley, AZ. Has to shown up in Phoenix or Tucson yet. Wonder What happened to shipment.
  3. epoche

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Ordered mine -Black 64GB WiFi -on the 7th, soon after store opened, Fed Ex tracking shows left Ontario CA on the 11th. Shows delivery on the 16th, although would not seem that it would take that long to get to Green Valley, AZ; but I'm assuming Fed Ex will not deliver until the 16th. Had a...
  4. epoche

    Ipad 2 cases

    Targus 360 I have the Targus 360 and to answer your question the 360 ring sets below the whole turning back case, so there is no marking on the rear of the iPad 2. I just looked at mine from several weeks usage and no evidence of the ring on rear of iPad.
  5. epoche

    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    Ordering from Apple Order from Apple March 11 12:01 PCT. I'm in Mountain Time that puts me ordering a Black 16GB Wi Fi at 1:01. I gave my 64 GB Wi Fi iPad 1 to my daughter recently, and since I have a top end recent MacBook Air (4GB RAM, 256 Flash HD) I don't think I'll need much HD...
  6. epoche

    Purchased iBook missing

    I had to do a hard restore on iPad. Now one of my purchased books is missing from "Purchased" tab. Is there a way I can assess my Apple iBook purchases in lieu of calling Apple?
  7. epoche

    Apple hurting Adobe?

    Easy. When I run Flash on 15" MBP for any length of time both fans start running at 5,000 rpm and above. That tells me mucho heat is being developed.
  8. epoche

    "All the world's websites in your hands"

    Flash Heat I did not understand issue with Flash until iPad came out sans Flash. Now I remember that my 15" MacBook Pro runs both fans at 5,000 rpm+ when Flash videos are running for any period of time. Problem is Flash is apparently driven by not software not dedicated hardware. I miss...
  9. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Lying in bed thinking Was too tired to try possible solution to failure to save photos to MobileMe, but did so this morning with success. Seems that the Nikon NEF RAW files are the root of the problem for when I sent a regular jpg from "Saved Photos" album the transfer was successful.
  10. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Apple Help Went to Apple iPad support. Said to make sure Album allows uploads from web, iphone etc. Check All. Still no Go.
  11. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Yes I have the Gallery app installed. Have been looking on Apple iPad support be continued.
  12. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Just tried again, same results. No publish.
  13. epoche

    Cannot publish from iPad to MobileMe

    Selecting the icon next to slideshow top right iPad yields 5 choices: Email Photo Send to MobileMe Assign to Contact Use as Wallpaper Copy Photo Choosing "Send to MobileMe" yields A Screen Mobileme with Title and Description and "Publish" in upper right corner, which is inactive until...
  14. epoche

    Photo album colors not correct

    We're in the process of building a new house and are choosing granite colors/patterns. Have been using the iPad to show vendors what we have in mind for preferred granite. However, the colors that show on my 15" MBP are not what shows on iPad. The reds are almost washed out on the iPad. I...
  15. epoche

    New Photo Kit for iPad is qurky

    Have downloaded RAW files from Nikon D90 to Photo ap with virtually no problems. Easy to delete unwanted photos.