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  1. AllenSalar

    do you know any good logic games ??

    By Logic games do you mean just puzzles or any game that relates to "Logic"?
  2. AllenSalar

    Very bad experience with Ipad Mini

    If all iPad Minis did that, Apple might be facing court time right now. Have you done a soft/hard restart? Or maybe just use the iTunes on the computer to download the aqpplication. EDIT: Or atleast reset settings or something. @rocki I think he meant "I started searching for an...
  3. AllenSalar

    Anzor. Free!!!

    Oh, sounds like an a utility application. Hehe. Anyways, good to know. ^^
  4. AllenSalar

    What games??

    Forgot about fieldrunners, did you know fieldrunners 2 came out? It's awesome :D!
  5. AllenSalar

    Is there any way to run emulator in iPad ???

    That is interesting... @OP I didn't know about that, so I'm sorry, I've never encountered that before and this is the first time I've heard/seen about it.
  6. AllenSalar


    Bumped. Can I ask for a little more information? Please include if "it worked before but not anymore" or something like that, or maybe "it opens but it just gives a black screen then closes".
  7. AllenSalar

    I'm back!

    The satisfaction the iPad gives you has no equal huh? (Gadgetly speaking :p)
  8. AllenSalar

    What games??

    I agree with the one above ^ Simple yet fun. And you may want to try some of this, these are the most common games that are being played right now with an iPad abd I provided a brief description for you. Free: (No specific Order) 1. Temple Run - Running arcade game. It's more fun than you...
  9. AllenSalar

    Anzor. Free!!!

    Is that a game? xD
  10. AllenSalar

    Is there any way to run emulator in iPad ???

    Well, I'm asking a mod now. Just to be sure.
  11. AllenSalar

    I'm back!

    Cool, I didn't know that. And I can't argue with that. Hehe. Hi Asharp, and to the others too. :D
  12. AllenSalar

    Best app

    Well almost, you can also use iTunes for that. But I "might" say the same too.
  13. AllenSalar


    Are you looking for anything of a specific type of game or just something "addicting"? And please don't bump your post after an hour.
  14. AllenSalar

    Is there any way to run emulator in iPad ???

    I'm sory but discussions of emulators are prohibited here. Since they run "ROMs" and acquiring ROMs is an act of piracy which this forum does not entertain.
  15. AllenSalar

    I'm back!

    Thank you!