Wizschool, a magic puzzle game!

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    Hey everyone!

    Allow me to present Wizschool, our first project for mobile platforms.

    It is a puzzle game expanding on the match-3 gameplay. There are 3 game modes, one of which you all know the basics of, and two extra modes against the computer AI: versus and battle.
    The single player game is story-based and lets you travel the game map to meet different characters you will play against.

    There's an RPG layer with a character progression system (nothing as complex as a FF though) and items to win and/or buy that quickly bring a lot more action than is typical for most game of the genre.

    The story mode is 28 levels long with 56 cutscenes, 16 very nice soundtracks and beautiful graphics. An arcade mode with a unified leaderboard is also available.
    The game is meant to run on iPhone retina and iPad 1&2 displays. I'd love to support the marvels of the iPad retina display but that's yet another undertaking.

    Wizschool is available now in the AppStore.
    Thanks for reading, have fun :D!

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