Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live

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    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live | Magazine

    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live
    By Chris Anderson May 26, 2010 | 2:00 am | Wired June 2010


    The irony that Wired, a magazine founded to chronicle the digital revolution, has traditionally come to you each month on the smooshed atoms of dead trees is not lost on us. Let’s just say the medium is not always the message.

    Except that now it is. I’m delighted to announce that Wired’s first digital edition is now available for the iPad and soon for nearly all other tablets. We have always made our stories accessible online at Wired.com, but as successful as the site is, it is not a magazine.

    The tablet is our opportunity to make the Wired we always dreamed of. It has all the visual impact of paper, enhanced by interactive elements like video and animated infographics. We can offer you a history of Mars landings that lets you explore the red planet yourself. We can take you inside Trent Reznor’s recording studio and let you listen to snippets of his work in progress. And we can show you exactly how Pixar crafted each frame of its new movie, Toy Story 3.

    To deliver this rich reading environment, we’re using new digital publishing technology developed by Adobe. The yearlong effort, spearheaded by Wired creative director Scott Dadich, will allow us to simultaneously create both the print magazine and the enhanced digital version with the same set of authoring and design tools.

    The arrival of the tablet represents a grand experiment in the future of media. Over the next few months, we’ll integrate social media and offer a variety of versions and ways to subscribe in digital form. We’ll learn through experimentation, and we will watch closely as our readers teach us how they want to use tablets.

    There is no finish line. Wired magazine will be digital from now on, designed from the start as a compelling interactive experience, in parallel with our print edition. Wired is finally, well, wired.

    Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief

    One Clip for Wired.com Homepage


    Innovative features of the Wired App include:

    • Every page in the issue is individually designed for optimal viewing on the iPad screen in both portrait or landscape orientation.
    • Navigations from the cover, which allows readers to touch cover lines to go directly to stories giving direct access to editorial content.
    • Content organized in vertical stacks rather than magazine-like spreads.
    • Design cues throughout to lead reader through the issue, augmenting the scroll bar with subtle indications of more content and additional features to explore.
    • Drop down Table of Contents (TOC) and Browse view (zoomed out view of stacks of content) make for easy navigation and sense of place within the issue.
    • Orientation-appropriate photography offers different images taking advantage of layout changes whether in portrait or landscape mode.
    • Animated 360° images show readers every side of Iron Man and let them explore the history of Mars landings.
    • Unique slide shows take readers through multiple views using touch for image progression.
    • Four editorial videos including an exclusive clip from Toy Story 3. All video is embedded into the app allowing for automatic load, display in HD and access without a connection.
    • Music to enhance story telling, including an exclusive listen inside Trent Reznor’s recording studio.

    Advertising in the issue is also enhanced. Nine advertisers took advantage of premium sponsorships in Wired’s June digital edition, allowing them to incorporate interactivity and enhancements including 360º images, slide shows and videos. The premium advertisers include:

    • GE displays a rotatable 360º image from the world’s first CT scanner in HD
    • An Olympus slide show highlights the advanced photo capabilities of its new PEN E-PL1
    • Fidelity Investments showcases its 10 Innovations for Investors in a slide show
    • HBO includes a True Blood season two recap slide show promoting the new season’s June 13 premiere
    • Intel, Infiniti, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, GE, and Pepsi all feature embedded HD video

    The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) has approved the app as a replica digital edition of the magazine. The Wired app is available now for $4.99 from the iPad App Store or at WIRED Magazine for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. This is the third ABC-approved digital edition from Condé Nast, following GQ and Vanity Fair, which are available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
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    Bought it. Now just have to wait a few more days....
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    Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition Goes Live

    Awesome. I try to read Wired any time I can find it in English, which isn't easy as an American living in Switzerland. I hope they make it as cool as in the previews (and available worldwide in English). Wired deserves an app as cool and cutting-edge-high-tech as the magazine.

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