Windows phone Lumina 920

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    Just curious if anyone has played with this phone? Now my wife and I love our iPhones with a passion, and can't stand android. But we we out and about one day and stumbled upon an actual working model at a store. We originally saw the phone at CES and have watched cnet videos and wanted to be able to play with one, and we finally got the chance. The phone is pretty slick. If I had to put it into a comparison, I can actually see it one day being a competitor with iPhone. Now it's still a long way off and at the current moment would not sway me to leave iPhone, but it's pretty cool. They have come a long way, the user interface is quick, the camera is great and the responsiveness is fast. Now the App Store is of course not up to par but its getting there. The phones size is comfortable and not too bulky. I just thought I'd share, not trying to start an apple vs windows war, like people do with android. I as a tech nerd love new stuff and thought I'd share with everyone.

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