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    Can't download free apps, asking to set password-question, but not working! (solved)

    so I bought the new IPAD 4 (my first). Where should I go to read my ebooks? I mean, how to transfer them to IPAD or open them?

    Do I need to fill a credit card info and go to the Apple Store first?


    P.S. All my books are in PDF, but stored in my notebook.

    Edited: I inserted the credit card info and got there in the APP STORE. But everytime I try to download a free app, it keeps telling me to set 3 questions for my password. When I click to see one of them (I already have one question configured for my account, my best friend), nothing happens, and a white screen is displayed.

    So I can't install free apps. Any idea what is going on?

    I tried installing Adobe Acrobat, and a couple of free apps, and no luck. I only installed one free app called Ebook Reader. The others are refusing to be installed unless I check this password-question thing that is not working.


    I just restarted IPAD and I can set all questions now. It's working, finally!
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