What The Deuce?! Family Guy: Time Warped for iPad Out Now

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    Family Guy is very much a love/hate thing, but the near-the-knuckle adult animated TV series certainly has very loyal fans who are going to absolutely love this new iPad game, which puts the player in control of Stewie and Brian Griffin who are thrown back in time by a malfunctioning time machine! If you watch the show then you’ll know how hilarious Stewie and Brian are when they go on their adventures, and this time you get to control them as they attempt to evade the Time Police while battling Roman Emperor Quagligula’s thugs, Egyptian Pharaoh Joe Swanson’s slaves and Old West Lois’ goons. Through it all, the boys are armed with nothing but their sharp wits, a double-barrelled shotgun, a laser rifle, a baseball bat and a case of syrup of ipecac. Fans will also appreciate the authentic sound bites lifted directly from the show.
    You can download Family Guy: Time Warped for iPad for $6.99 by clicking here: Family Guy Time Warped for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: Glu Mobile

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