Watch Tim Cook's Talk About the Growth of Apple and New Products in a Extensive WSJ Interview

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    Tim Cook doesn't do too many interviews, but the ones he does are very interesting and insightful. Such is the case with his interview at the inaugural WSJD Live conference hosted in October by the Wall Street Journal. The full video has now been posted online and you can watch it for free.

    While Cook's brief Q&A session with WSJ managing editor Gerry Baker didn't reveal much new information, Apple's CEO did offer some insightful commentary on new services such as Apple Pay but also talked about the overall growth of the company.

    Cook said that the iPhone currently accounts for about half of Apple's income and that he is extremely proud with these year's models. He mentioned that the smartphone market will continue to grow, but also highlighted other areas of growth, specifically iTunes software and services, which is now a $18 billion business.

    Speaking about the Apple Watch, he said said that a smartwatch needs to be fashionable to succeed, pointing out that the fashion industry is "totally new for us." Follow the link from below and enjoy the 34-minute video on the WSJ website.

    Source: WSJ
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    I know that Apple is working on becoming more of a plauer in the enterprise and business markets which is a good idea. People are ready for this type of thing. Curious to see what they come up with.

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