Viber is Adding Games to its Mobile app, on top of Messaging, Voice and Video Calls

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    There is harsh competition in the market of free messaging apps, with WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others fighting for the top position. So in order to position itself as a different service that has unique features, Viber has now added gaming features to its mobile apps.

    Viber is adding social features that allow users to connect with their contacts over adventures and puzzles. At launch, three titles will be available for Android and iOS devices via Viber Games: Viber Candy Mania, Viber Pop and Wild Luck Casino. The first two feature characters that Viber sticker users will recognize as Violet and Legcat.

    In a recent statement, Viber CEO Talmon Marco said the following:

    "We have been focusing on broadening the functionality of Viber and are really excited to unveil Viber Games. This major expansion of our platform gives people another completely new way to connect with Viber. It's an important step for us and we are looking forward to the response from our users."

    Viber Games use a new private API called Viber Connect, which lets players sign in with their Viber ID to invite contacts to games, track scores on leaderboards, brag about unlocked achievements, and see what others are playing and send gifts.

    At the moment, Viber Games available in just a few countries but it will be rolled out to the rest of the world in a staggered release by January.

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