Using wired internet on iPad 2?

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by JoeMagiera, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Has anyone ever tried, and got it to work, using wired internet on an iPad?

    I have an iPad 2 (model A1397). I got the parts mentioned in this article to connect my iPad to wired internet (ethernet):

    How to Connect an iPad to Ethernet

    The one thing I had to get different was I had to get the proper camera connection as iPad 2's have the older larger connection.

    I get the message "device requires too much power", and doesn't work. I also tried it on my iPad mini (1st gen), model A1454, using the lightening camera connection as shown in the video. Same results (requires too much power). In his video, it looks like he gets the message too, but when he taps out of it, the internet connection magically works. Not on either of my iPads.

    In the video, he uses a hub, but in the article, he mentions if you have a iPad that uses a standard lightening connector, you don't even need the hub anymore and can bypass that. I got a powered hub and I tried it on both my iPads, with and without the hub, and none of the setups worked.

    Anyone else try this and have any luck? If you did get it to work, I'd sure like to figure out what I'd doing wrong. Thanks,

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    I hope this will help:
    How to Connect an iPad to an Ethernet Port

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