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    To all concerned, i said i would get back to you. This is concerning the recording of VHS/camcorder tapes to a pc. It works perfect. You get this cable set that connects directly from your video player or camcorder to your pc. It come with a cd Rom. you insert the cd Rom in the pc and connect the cables right away. dont connect to the vhs player. it will automatically do an update. once that is done follow the instructions. after installing to your pc, connect to your vhs player or camcorder. on the control display, press tv then recorded button. it converts from analog to digital. it places all your vhs/camcorder tapes in a folder. Then you can move those files where you want them. it perfect!! Now i can save all of my videos and family movies to my computer or external drive. this set can be use on Windows 7/ window vista / window XP Service pack 3. i am not sure of any other computer. I'm pretty sure once you get them downloaded, you can transfer them to your iPad. i love it and i hope this will help someone that wants to save all those treasurable moments. good luck. Freddie

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