U.S. Athletes Use the iPad in Connection With a $5 app During Training

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    Albeit there have been many that have bashed Apple’s iPad for the fact that it’s primarily a content consumption device, we have so many examples where the iconic tablet is radically changing and improving lives. Surgeons, engineers, pilots use it and now we’re seeing that the iPad is also a helpful gadget for professional athletes. A recent story from Yahoo Sports profiles Patrick Deneen and Billy Demong, U.S Winter Olympic athletes who are using the iPad in their training.

    Both Deneen and Demong use a 5$ iPad application called Coach's Eye, which allows trainers to record an athlete’s performance and play it back immediately in regular speed or slow motion, thus being able to analyze every detail of the action. The app also comes with drawing tools which let coaches annotate the video and then view together with the athletes and identify the areas that need to be focused on and improved. Pat Deneen, Patrick's father and coach:

    Both athletes are among the best skiers in the world, Billy Demong having won the gold medal in the Nordic combined event that mixes ski jumping and cross country skiing at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Demong, just like us, wonders what things will be like in another 20 years time. Who knows, maybe athletes will be wearing iWatch devices by the end of 2014.

    Source: Yahoo! Sports

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