two game center id's on one apple id??

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    now that i have my own ipad, i'd like to play my wife in game center. we share the same apple id/password so we could sync some of the same paid-for apps. this posed a problem when i tried to access game center because it recognized her GC id. when i tried to create a new GC account, there was a point in the process when it said if i were to proceed i would be creating a new apple id. i stopped and canceled because i was worried that i would change the id/password of my ipad.

    is there a way for both of us to play in GC whilst still using the same GC apple id/password? Is there a workaround,,,can i play against myself,,,does creating a new apple id/password on my ipad create a new apple id/password for the ipad and thus render my syncing options useless?

    in the future there will probably come a time when there's no need to share THAT time would i be able to change/create a new apple id/password on my ipad?

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