True for all HD Games??

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by Qcksilver, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Just wondering if this was a fluke or if it's correct for all HD games and/or apps.

    I purchased an HD game from the app store and installed it on my iPad. Keep in mind the HD version of this game listed that it's only compatible with the iPad and not the iPod Touch. Because of the HDness of it I guess.

    Anyway, later on I was updating my kids iPod Touch and I noticed that it uploaded the HD game onto his iPod but not in HD. The icon on my iPad has HD in the corner and the icon on his iPod is the same minus the HD in the corner. Hopefully this makes sense and you all understand.

    I'm wondering if this is maybe specific to this game only or will it happen with all HD games that I purchase. Does anyone know at all??
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    Some apps are Universal, work on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Some are only HD (iPad) or only standard def (iPhone/iPod). Then there's Retina def apps for the iPhone4 and they look pretty good on iPhone4 and iPad, but not really HD on the iPad but better than SD. Are you confused yet. They try to keep our heads spinning as best they can. LOL:)

    The app you have is apparently a universal app. :) Try to buy only universal apps, then you can use them on every iDevice you have without having to buy separate apps for iPad and iPhones/iPods. Enjoy!!!:)

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