Trick: Access International iPad App Store Categories

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    iTunes Trick: Access International iPad App Store Categories

    from App Advice by Alexander Vaughn


    While you can already search for iPad apps in many non-US App Stores, they all still lack the filter function present in the US that lets you switch to iPad apps. Does it mean that local iPad App Store pages don’t exist? Not at all, they’re already there and here is how to access them.

    When you switch to the iPad App Store in the US App Store, iTunes remembers your selection. Then, when you access the different categories it will present you specifically with the corresponding iPad apps.
    The trick is that iTunes remembers this setting even when you switch countries. So once you’ve been to the US App Store and selected the iPad filter, you can jump to another local App Store; go into the categories; and you’ll be presented with the national iPad App Store selection. (Switching countries is possible from the App Store’s main page by clicking on the flag at the bottom right.)

    You will notice that the number of available apps and the rankings differ strongly from country to country.
    Is this a hint that the iPad will shortly be going international? I certainly hope so!

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