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By Maura on Jun 11, 2010 at 5:04 PM
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    In the light of the recent AT&T security breach, computer repair and support company Rescuecom has come up with five top tips to help you ensure that your iPad is protected. Some of them you’ve probably thought of already, but there might be a couple of gems in there that haven’t occurred to you.

    1. Turn off the 3G Network – Although AT&T has said that it’s dealt with the threat, if you’re still a little anxious, turning off 3G temporarily will protect your data from any further attack.

    2. Request a new SIM from AT&T – The ICC-ID numbers that the hackers were able to access were attached to each user’s SIM. Changing the SIM will therefore change the ICC-ID as well, and you’ll no longer need to worry about it having been compromised.

    3. Confirm any email from Apple or AT&T – Just as on your PC or Mac, “phishing attacks†pose a major threat to your iPad’s security, so if you get an email supposedly from someone at Apple or AT&T, confirm that it actually came from them, and remember that the genuine companies never ask for personal information or login information via email.

    4. Change your email address – A bit drastic, but if you’re really worried that your email details have got into the wrong hands, your best bet might be to change your email address.

    5. Be careful what you use your iPad for – Again, if you’re really worried about security, Rescuecom suggests avoiding mobile banking or anything that transmits personal information, especially when on a 3G network. Probably not necessary as AT&T says it’s dealt with the threat and beefed up its security, but something to bear in mind just in case.

    Source: Rescuecom


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 11, 2010.

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