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    Hello to all.....
    This Christmas my husband and I made a pact that we would NOT be exchanging presents. We gave each other a trip to Florida in November to see our grandkids so we felt we had spent enough..... IMAGINE my surprise when a huge box appeared after we had celebrated with our kids. I actually told him that I wouldn't be opening it - wasn't fair, I had nothing for him. LOL!

    Three boxes later, I peeled back the paper to find a 64gb wifi/3g staring me in the face. My reaction was priceless - the video has been posted to YouTube by my lovely, now disowned adult children.....

    Needless to say, after I got over the surprise/delight/guilt/anger of it all - I am BEYOND excited.

    My youngest son bought an Iphone 4 to replace his 3g earlier this year and passed along his "old" one to me. That ended up being something I have cherised - I love the IPhone and all that I can and do do with it.

    In my searching this past few days for a good case/bag solution, I found these forums and am looking forward to learning a lot from all of you.

    Guess my first question would be - how can I read these on the IPad? LOL!


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