this is a two part question post

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    1ST part

    who use Amazon app and how well does it work on the ipad for ordering things and haveing them shipped to a APO set up ....

    2ND part

    What to take with me on a four to six month trip out of the country as i'm takeing the ipad with me as my all around device to use in my off work hours ..

    my work place there is a computer set up has access to the internet and email accounts and i can use it in my off duty hours to shop or surf the websites i like i going to bring a usb data unit with my bookmarks on it to surf the websites i like to shop .

    beside the normal things like the power unit & screen cleaning cloth & earphones and the sling bag i have to carry it around when i not useing it and it cover unit to protect the unit ..

    i have the normal applications i have on it for gameing and personal data info ..along with i looked at adding a few more games to the unit to play dureing the off hours ..

    is there anything else i would add to the list of things to take with it

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