The US Army Gets its Own Apps Marketplace

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    The military has been one of the very earliest adopters of Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone, and there are frequent news stories published all over the web about how the military is using iPads and iPhones in the field. So it makes sense, therefore, for the US Army to launch its own custom app marketplace that is set to provide phone and tablet apps to military personnel. According to AppleInsider, the Army Software Marketplace, to give it its official title, is currently at the prototype stage, kicking off with just 12 mobile training apps, all of which are available to download to iOS devices exclusively, having been produced by the Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CDSA) initiative. Army CSDA Director Brig. Gen. Wayne Grigsby Jr. told AppleInsider that the Army Software Marketplace has been designed specifically to deliver information and distribute training material to soldiers. AppleInsider says that once the marketplace has passed the prototype stage and is fully operational, it will be used to deliver web-based downloadable apps for use in the Army’s Common Operating Environment on the Army network.

    Source: Army rolls out proprietary app marketplace

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