The New iPad Launches in China

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 20, 2012.

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    The newest version of Apple’s iPad has finally launched in China today, and The Next Web is reporting that things have gone pretty smoothly this time around, without the chaotic scenes of previous launches in China, thanks to Apple’s pre-planning to avoid any trouble. In order to quell the excitement, unlike its usual preferred launches where customers line up and are cheered on their way into the store by members of staff, in China, Apple introduced a pre-sale reservation system, where customers had to register their interest in buying a new iPad first, and then go and pick it up at their assigned pick up time. This is designed to cut down on scalpers as well as queues. Despite this, security gates were set up in case things happened to get rowdy, but it doesn’t look like they were needed. The Next Web also reports that it seems as if the scalpers have been kept at bay by the new scheme as well.

    Source: Apple Launches the New iPad in China to Short Queues and No Chaos
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    The new iPad has launched China for some days,but the selling data is not come up with the prediction,maybe there is something wrong with the people who are not very passion with the new iPad!

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