The Inner Workings of Apple's PR Team Explained in a Informative Article

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    When it comes to upcoming new products from Apple, it seems that there's no other company on this planet that manages to create such a huge buzz. Mark Gurman from the 9to5Mac publication has authored one of the most interesting stories regarding Apple and its PR practices that you'll ever read (go ahead and follow the link at the end for the original report). Gurman delves into the inner workings of Apple's PR team and provides an expansive look at the way Apple's PR team operates.

    He analyzes the organizational structure and how the company tries to control perception of Apple's products through media manipulation. Apple's PR team is relatively small, comprised of approximately 30 employees in Cupertino along with a few dozen scattered around the world. Despite being apparently indifferent, Apple's PR teams keep a close eye on the media, and corrects negative perceptions when deemed necessary.

    Gurman also points out that Apple gives review units and review guides to columnists and journalists who have a largely positive view of the company and its products. Gurman also tries to explain the shift in attitude after Tim Cook has taken over as the new CEO. The entire article is consisted of the following chapters:

    - Apple Events and Shredded White Booklets
    - Introducing the Teams: How PR is Organized at 3 Infinite Loop
    - Strategies: The "Art of Deep Background" and Controlling the Press
    - The Departure of a "Tyrant"
    - Two Heads in Place of One
    - Controversies: From Maps to Beats to Haunted Empires
    - Product Reviews, Briefings, & Reviewer's Guides
    - Steve Jobs and the Process Behind Press Releases
    - A Friendlier, More Transparent Future?

    Source: 9to5Mac

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