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    The hub of social networking sites Facebook, which has enjoyed a lot exciting boost over the previous year by smartphones users, now has introduced its latest app called “Facebook for EveryPhone†in a receipt that lots of customers access app through regular smartphones.

    The company explained Smartphone owner will be capable to use the application for several usual purposes comprising logging into their email, checking their news feed, uploading an images or photos, sharing their pictures and also for searching colleagues in their contact list. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said that the website how possesses more than 750 million active users and around 250 million are using Facebook through their smartphones.

    According to Pew Research reports of current week showing that around 42% of the 83% of U.S. adults with their smartphones were using the website. Generally this explains that 35% of United States adults have a tablet PCs and smart devices. Specified the elevated ratio of users using a class device, it appears the company has prepared a smart progress in making an app obtainable to offer all functionalities of Facebook on them.

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