Tactus iPad Mini Case Makes Clear Physical Keyboard Appear as if by Magic

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    Business Insider reports about a truly ingenious new iPad Mini case from startup firm Tactus Technology, which makes a physical keyboard appear on the display of an iPad mini as if by magic.

    Working in conjunction with Taiwanese electronics company Wistron, Tactus has managed to create a thin, clear cover that looks exactly like a screen protector. The keyboard is made from semi-elastic polymer, with micro-fluid-filled channels underneath. The fluid can either be added or taken away, making the keyboard either pop up or disappear.

    When you fit the case on your iPad mini, the keyboard layer will connect to the hard backing. You can then operate the “keysâ€, making them either appear or disappear, by pressing a switch in the casing. Business Insider says that the effect is almost instant.

    Wistron has previously made devices for the likes of Apple, Acer, and BlackBerry, and says that the cases will be ready to buy this year.

    Tactus iPad Mini Case - Business Insider

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