Synced albums don't show up in picture frame settings

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by enthous, May 12, 2012.

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    I have a new iPad and wanted to set up a photo album to be used for a slide show using the Picture Frame app. I have a folder on my (Windows) pc that I use for syncing photos. Each folder under it is an album. I added a new folder for the pictures I want in my slideshow, added them, and synced using iTunes. Everything worked as expected; I could see the albums in the Photos app, and could start a slideshow from the album display in Photos. Now I wanted to set up Picture Frame to use the new album. Here's where it gets flaky. In Settings > Picture Frame, I couldn't see the new albums I created (while I was at it I created another album I wanted at the same time, so I expected to see 2 new albums). The ones that were there before were displayed, just not the new ones. I tried stopping the photo app and restarting it, and a few other desperate things, but nothing helped. Finally, I powered down the iPad and cold started it. This worked. Now I can see all my albums in the Picture Frame settings. Is there something I needed to do to make those new albums visible? Some setting I'm missing? It seems ridiculous that I have to restart the iPad to hook them up with Picture Frame.

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