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    Hello all,

    There is a new RTS game available for both the iPad / iPhone (universal app) called Star Armada. :)

    Armada is a full real-time strategy game (featuring units, structures, resources and adaptive AI).

    Explore deep space, establish bases on planets, then build and command a fleet of spaceships as they engage the enemy in vast epic battles for dominance of the Universe!
    Star Armada features an interface which is both powerful and flexible for controlling the destiny of your space empire!

    Game features -
    * 2 game modes - 'Planet Domination' (RTS) and 'Planet Survival' (planet defense)
    * Choose to play map sizes 'Outer space' or 'Deep space'
    * Select between 4 difficulty levels (from easy to brutal)
    * Large randomly generated space maps
    * Randomly generated content and AI tactics
    * Multiple ship types from the dynamic Destroyer to the fearsome Dreadnought!
    * Ships have multiple levels for upgrade for shield and damage attributes
    * Customizable ship ordering system - engagement, targeting, damage control and power priority
    * Ships gain XP points for leveling up to better classes for improved attributes!
    * Multiple weapon types including missile launchers and laser cannons!
    * Weapons have multiple levels of upgrade for firing and damage attributes
    * Ships have multiple weapon slots that can be assigned different weapon combinations
    * 10 structure types including the devastating Nuclear Missile super weapon!
    * HD quality planets with unique abilities to help your fleet against the enemy
    * Pause / un-pause the game at anytime and still issue ship commands and build facilities
    * Navigable mini-map
    * Zoom in / zoom out of the game world (four levels of zoom)
    * Varied and high quality GFX and SFX
    * Detailed end-game stats breakdown for both game modes
    * Save / continue game ability
    * In-depth tutorial

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