Smart necklace keeps secrets safe inside iPad diary app

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    Remember when you were a teenager and everything revolved around best friends, secrets and crushes? Well, since then, things have evolved a little bit as to accommodate the technology that is so characteristic of our era.

    For example, ten years ago who wouldn’t have wanted a magic delete button in case your mom went snooping through your room worried that you are hanging out with the wrong people? Well, Dano ha​​s put out a virtual diary app entitled iHeart Locket Diary that works in concert with your iPad. The locking option is actually a safety measure. Are you insecure of leaving your secrets lying around? Are you worried your family might want to take a sneak peak at your secret information? Then just push the button embedded in the lock and all the diary entries will magically disappear from sight, as if written with invisible ink.

    The app should prove to be quite appealing for teens. The interface is quite colorful and cute, featuring the possibility to write text, store pictures, transform speech to text and write post-it like notes.

    Some parents might be reticent to buy their children such a locket, but the gadget could be also interpreted as a way for grownups to express their trust in their child. And as the era of technology progresses, notebooks and old school diaries will certainly become a thing of the past. The locket is available for purchase for only $24.99 and it could be a fun way to encourage creative writing in young adults.

    Source: Cnet


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