Shelf Mag Launches for Small Press, University Press and Self-Published Books

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    We’ve already seen how quickly many of the heavy-weight newspaper, book and magazine publishers are taking to the iPad and releasing their apps, but the newly announced Shelf magazine is something a little different, being a digital-only monthly magazine featuring the best of small press, university press, and self-published books. Each issue of the magazine, which will be launched on September 1st, will include reviews, author interviews, excerpts, photo essays, and more. Shelf will be distributed via for download on iPad, computer and iPhone.

    “With the advent of the iPad, readers can experience and engage with magazines as never before,†says Shelf publisher Margaret Brown. “Shelf maximises this experience with dynamic design, diverse content, and hotlinks to the authors, publishers, and distributors of the books you’ll want to read next.â€

    Adds Shelf editor-in-chief Kathy Wise: “Shelf is at its core about the joy of discovery. It is that feeling you get after spending an afternoon at an indie bookstore, reading first chapters and finding a mind-blowing new talent, as well as something new and unexpected from a writer you’ve loved for years. It’s about taking that feeling on a plane, on your lunch break, to your best friend’s backyard. It’s about experiencing the best out-of the-box books in a graphic, mobile, and tree-friendly way. Shelf is not your mother’s literary magazine.â€

    Shelf is offering its first issue for free to the first 10,000 people who friend Shelf Mag on Facebook or email a request to

    Source: Shelf Media Group

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