Shazam Partners With Rdio and Updates its App to Stream Full Songs

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    Shazam is a very useful utility that millions around the world have installed on their mobile devices and tablets. By using it, we can quickly find out who is the author of that awesome tune. And now it has received an update which might look small on the changelog but it brings a really useful feature for the users.

    Version 7.7.0 of the iOS Shazam app brings full track playback in Shazam, powered by Rdio. So, once you’re connected, you can play any track and carry on listening to the music as you discover more in the app.

    The latest iOS version now allows to go "beyond the preview" with full song playback. And what's really cool is that you don't have to pay a penny for this. Shazam users who already subscribe to Rdio can just click on the Rdio preview button to hear the song. And if you don't have the app, Shazam will tell you to install it.

    Daniel Danker, Shazam's chief product officer, said the following of the update:

    "It’s tedious to leave and come back. What we're launching today is supercharged with Rdio -- the play button gets an Rdio logo in it, literally every play button in Shazam will have one once it's connected."

    "You have to think about how we think about the product we’re delivering. Our role is to be the magic that connects people with their world. We started in that role by delivering a seamless experience around music recognition, and have expanded to TV, and will activate every movie theater in the country. So we're broadening out by not just telling you what the song is but things to do once its identified, so breaking out into separate apps would sort of disrupt that magic."

    In case you aren't running Shazam yet on your iPad or other iOS device, just follow the link from below to get it and enjoy its latest feature.

    Source: iTunes

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