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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by DanMichSr, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. DanMichSr

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    Aug 17, 2012
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    I am going to sell my iPad 2 to a guy that has a laptop running windows. I have a couple of questions.
    I ordered my iPad with my name inscribed on the back. What is the best way to get that off?
    I want to make it easy for him to get up and running so my question on that would be. Have him install iTunes on his windows laptop and I would do a complete reset on my iPad and then he connect to his laptop or is there more to it. Thanks
  2. MattIM

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    Hello DanMichSr, welcome to the forum. when you get a chance, head on over to the new members forum and introduce yourself. Do spend a little bit more time reading about the tips and tricks in using the forum and also read about the rules.

    There isn't any good way to get rid of an engraving on the iPad. However you might want to offer the new iPad owner a skin to cover over the back of this iPad. We have several forum vendors who offer these skins and I think they will even engrave or print the new iPad owner's name on the skin for a little extra lira.

    Regarding your second concern. Go to settings and restore to factory setting. If the iPad is iOS version 5.1.1, he needs to go trough the installation process, for example naming his iPad, registering the iPad, creating an appleid, etc.

    I hope you recommend our forum to the new owner, as this is a really good place to learn about the iPad. I'm a little biased <smile>!
  3. scifan57

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    Dec 3, 2011
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    Your buyer should also make sure he has the latest version of iTunes installed on his computer before initializing his new iPad.

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