SeaWorld Dolphin Snatches Woman’s iPad and Then Has a Good Giggle

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    dolphin snatches iPad from woman.JPG

    Business Insider has posted a really adorable and funny video from Reddit of a dolphin playfully grabbing an iPad out of the hands of a woman who is using the iPad to film dolphins in SeaWorld, Orlando. The dolphin then looks really pleased with itself after dragging the iPad in the water, before the disgruntled woman snatches it back. It’s also really funny how the iPad-snatching dolphin and its dolphin buddy gleefully swim off looking very pleased with themselves! CBS reports that the SeaWorld announcer quipped “As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items.”

    Of course, dolphins are highly intelligent animals, and well known for enjoying playing tricks on other dolphins, animals, and humans.

    So let that be a lesson to anyone thinking of waving their iPad around near a pool full of dolphins, and hopefully the hapless lady’s iPad survived its dunking!

    Sources: Dolphin goes rogue and steals woman's iPad, gloats about it afterwards

    Dolphin snatches iPad of woman taking its photo at SeaWorld

    Amazing footage of a dog playing with a dolphin in Ireland (VIDEO)
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