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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by sarahfoxnz, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Good day.

    i HAVE a file which I want to save onto IPAD. I can put it onto a http (local) server so my IPAD can see the file.

    the main query is - How do I save the file into my IPAD "photo" area (without renaning it to IMG_001 etc..)

    basically, i have an external / portable drive i wish to save the file to, - However i can *ONLY* upload from my Ipad 2 photos area.

    I have other apps on IPAD to downlad files - but they are saved in a separate folder. (VERY ANNOYING)...

    I'm currently doing it via my mobile phone - but its like 1000 times slower than doing it via IPAD. It wil take months to save my files 1 at a time. (Lots of files)

    EDIT - I can use an "app" to download the files - but it saves them in another directory in IPAD - not the photos directory.
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    Your app that can download the files should also have the ability to Open In other apps, or Save Image. Either of which will place a copy of the photo in the Camera Roll of the Photos app.

    I can't tell you much more than that without knowing what the app is, and probably not then. There are so many apps in this category it is unlikely I have the same one. The most versatile file handling app I own is GoodReader. There are at least three method to download photos from a computer to GoodReader. From there you can copy photos to the Photos app, camera roll.

    An app that can copy photos directly to the Photos app to/from the computer is PhotoSync (no hyphen). Both iPad and computer need to be on the same network. There is a (free) companion app for the computer which makes the transfers easier, but it's not necessary. You can also use it to copy photos between iOS devices. This would probably be the quickest method, since you can select multiple photos to move at one time.

    DropBox is also a good solution, if bandwidth and data plan permit. Set up DropBox on the computer, dump the photos into a DropBox folder, then use the iOS DropBox app on the iPad to select and save the images to the camera roll.

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