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    I ordered a tradition noreve leather cover for ipad 2. It arrived in 3 days to Canada! There is a usual wait time of a couple weeks for some colours as they may have to make them to order.

    All of my inquiries to the company were answered very promptly.

    I bought the pink one. It cost about $115 Canadian

    What I like:
    The ipad 2 sits tightly and securely in a fitted bottom with rails to hold it in. Very secure and minimal bulk. All corners and sides are covered and all ports are exposed.

    Nice leather - it is a smooth texture very soft.

    minimal bulk case.
    Magnetic off/on feature to the cover works perfectly.

    closure flap has a magnet that attaches closed almost by it itself.

    Comes in a multitude of colors of leather and 4 different types of leather - the basic smooth leather, a more textured leather, a suedey leather and a patent (shiny) leather.

    Cons: Inside the front cover there are two flaps for papers/business cards - they don't lay totally flat and add unnecessary bulk in my opinion. One flap would be plenty. They don't allow the front cover to lay totally flat.
    No typing angle available. I did find however, that using the ipad on the couch it worked very nicely just to prop the ipad up with the front cover behind and it stayed at a good angle for surfing etc. Better than the smart cover was for lap use.

    Overall - I really like this cover. I would give it 4.5 out of 5. I love mostly the minimal bulk and the variety of colors available and the lovely soft leather.



    back - I got a bit of a scratch on it - it is not through the surface, just an imprint :)


    Closed - you can see how it doesn't lay totally flat



    You can see how the ipad fits tightly


    Hope this helps someone!

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