Resolved my HDMI audio out static (mp3 files)

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    Yesterday I bought the HDMI out dongle, otherwise known as the Apple Digital AV Adapter. Setup was as easy as pie and in no time flat my iPad 2 was being mirrored on my HDTV. Videos came out nice, loud and strong. My setup was such that I was able to sit comfortably in the recliner at a comfortable distance from the TV and manipulate the iPad. I did notice that calls made through Talkatone still make use of the iPad on-board speaker and do not come through the TV. I was disappointed with that but it's livable.

    Today, I tried my MP3 files and was distressed when I heard a lot of static during playback. It was on the majority of files, but not all. I tried another cable but got the same results. I did a quick search here on the forum but didn't turn up any threads that could help. But before posting and asking for help, I thought I would just take a look at what the differences might be between a file that sounded fine and one that didn't. Long story short is that the files that played with a lot of static were the ones for which I had adjusted the volume from 0 to 100+, while those that played just fine were at normal volume. (Hubby is partially deaf and uses hearing aids and I think I'm right behind him!) I selected all the files with the adjusted volume, set them back to normal (0), synced the iPad and then tried to play different ones again. This time the files sounded great. Lesson learned: For non-staticky playback, don't adjust the volume on the files; if the volume is too low, use an alternative speaker source.

    Hope this helps someone.

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