Puppy's Plaything HD - 3D puzzel game by smuttlewerk interactive

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    Puppy's Plaything HD - 3D puzzle game by smuttlewerk interactive


    We are proud to show you our new game: Puppy's Plaything HD!

    It's a fun puzzle game, with great graphics and enough brainfood for many sessions! It has tons of content, so for 1,99$, it's a steal!

    What do you have to do?

    Goal of the game is to reach the toy (a ball) in each level. Sounds easy, but snowfields, geysers, bats and more game elements make it tricky to get to the toy. To get a good score you also have to collect the bones in the best possible way. Sliding along empty fields will lower your multiplier, so you have to plan ahead if you like to get all the stars.

    Watch the video and you get a good feeling for the game!

    We'd like to hear your opinions on the game, so feel free to contact us/post questions anytime.

    Thank you and have a good time!


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