Possible features for iPad 2’s successor

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Jun 25, 2011.

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    The specs for the iPad 2’s follow up are still shrouded in mystery. Some say the tablet could run iOS 5, offer 4G compatibility and hit the stores this fall, at least the most optimistic of speculators hope for a fall release. Let us discuss the speculations one at a time.

    It is very likely that the iPad 2’s successor runs iOS 5, actually it would be a bad move from Apple not to equip the tablet with the latest iOS. The revamped operating system will take the iPad user-experience to a new level.

    The iPad is a great gadget for all the users on-the-go. What would make the portability experience even better is 4G LTE compatibility. The tablet already offers 3G compatibility, and the iPad 2’s follow up could be compatible with 4G services given the fact that carrier are currently making efforts to build their 4G networks. Apple may even diversify its iPad offering by rolling out models that have an increased storage capacity for the mid and high end.

    But when will the iPad 2’s follow up hit the stores? There are currently two theories circulating around. Optimistic speculators suggest that consumers could put their hands on the upcoming tablet this fall, while others expect the tablet to land sometime in March next year. All in all, it is almost certain that the iPad 2’s successor will run iOS 5, 4G compatibility is probable, increased
    storage capacity is possible, while the launch date remains anybody’s guess.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    source: beatweek.com
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    I really hope that 4G is a part of the new release. With the iPad 3 probably not being released until next year, you almost have ot figure it will. By that time most Android tablets will be 4g enabled. Apple needs to kill the Android market before it takes its marketshare like it's done in the cellphone niche.
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    I'm Happy With Ny iPad1

    I doubt I'll upgrade until the memory uses a card. Even the
    Nook accepts a micro SD.

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