Poet’s Pad App Released for iPad

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPgAY8vHlCQ]YouTube - Poet's Pad - iPad App for Poets, Def Poetry and Spoken Word Artists[/ame]​

    Looks like independent app developer Dante Varnardo Moore is back with another artistic winner following his recent Songwriter’s Pad app. Poet’s Pad is a professional poetry writing app designed specifically for the iPad, that enables poets to write, arrange and store all of their creative writings and poems in one app. It includes a digital audio recorder for capturing vocal ideas for writers who express their art via Spoken Word or Def Poetry. As with the songwriting app, it also contains idea-generating tools that Moore says “are designed to inspire creative expression and eliminate writer’s block.â€

    The app also includes other essential writer’s tools including a searchable dictionary, a thesaurus and a 70k rhyming dictionary. All of these things were available in the songwriter’s app, but Poet’s Pad also adds specific poet’s tools such as the ability to create and edit poems by individual stanzas, to re-order stanzas, and to export poems in both written and audio form via e-mail.

    You can download the app here for $6.99/£3.99 which is a limited time offer at 30 percent off, with the full price being $9.99.

    Source: Dante Varnado Moore

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