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    Totally agree, and I doubt it ever will be confirmed... If they give it the Gorilla Glass branding folks start to test and measure the iPad screens in ways that may not be "fair". It raises potentially false expectations in the marketplace. With every new iPad model release there is always a small percentage of folks who are unlucky enough, through whatever mechanism, to break or otherwise damage their screen. I've seen loads of debates here and elsewhere along the lines of "I cant believe these screens break. They are supposed to be tough. Aren't they made with Gorilla Glass?". We don't need to debate the answers to that in this thread, but there's an (incorrect) expectation that the GG branding provides some kind of "guarantee" that glass screens won't shatter. So selling the iPad with a branded Gorilla Glass screen could actually do more damage to Apple than good. That's just my 2c and an entirely personal opinion.

    Also, it's not just the new iPads this concerns. All 3 models use glass with comparable properties. Its not some new rumour for the iPad3 only (although, confusingly, there are plenty of internet pages on the subject which are iPad3 specific). The same discussions took place when the iPad1 and iPad2 were released. :) In fact there are pictures around the webz of iPad2 screens being bent to ridiculous angles without breaking to demonstrate the properties.

    Anyhoo, I'm in danger of taking this thread further off topic! :D
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