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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by the dills, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I know it's an old chestnut and I'm reasonably confident that no app or outlook plug in comes up with a format compatible as a cloud source which both IOS and outlook can use as a universal distribution list.

    However, as many have done before, I've pasted several small but frequently used distribution groups into my iCloud folder. iCloud does of not recognise them and they appear only on the PC where they were added and will be used. They have remained both visible and usable from the iCloud folder. The folder continues to sync all the other bona-fide contacts which it holds.

    My iCloud serves 3 PC's, 2 iPhones, iPad and Samsung tablet and all work perfectly with normal cloud contacts.

    Having thought about it, I'm unlike to initiate a group mail from any mobile device anyway, but to have the group lists in the same folder is useful for good housekeeping.

    My question is whether the presence of the unrecognised list groups will upset the cloud or whether those files will just be disregarded?

    Any thoughts welcome?

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