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    An academic year long research project on the iPad has just concluded. It recommended full deployment of iPads for all students. A highlight of the findings:
    1. Cost savings for students using e-textbooks can cover the cost of the iPad in two semesters. Less paper use, and cloud computing could save the University substantial amounts in the future.
    2. The iPad outflanked traditional computers, and teachers were able to recommend apps that would help students in their studies.
    3. 75% of students agreed that the iPad enhanced the learning experience of the courses. Detailed review showed 92.8% of Mac users agreed, and 70.4 of Windoze users agreed. Only 3% would opt out of usig the iPad for a course that did not include it.
    4. The instructors liked being able to make sure that all students were able to use a uniform experience throughout the classes.

    Full report here: iPad Study Released by Oklahoma State University
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    That noise you heard was a very loud CHA-CHING coming from Apple headquarters.;)

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