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    I have created a school department website at egs dot ie forward slash accountancy
    with a link to Higher Past Papers breakdown

    From here I can link from here to any past question
    and with a simple change in the URL I can then access the marking scheme,
    for eg change 1.pdf to 1ms.pdf
    I don't have a hyperlink to the marking scheme, it is reached only through the URL

    Is there any way, or any app that will allow me to download the entire section of the website to my iPad 2 while still allowing me to
    1 Access a page by entering a local URL
    2 Maintain the hyper-links in the pages. (All the links on the website are relative, not absolute)

    I want to have the marking schemes available without needing an Internet connection when doing corrections.

    I downloaded iSaveWeb pro but while it saves the pages the links do not work + there are a large number of pages involved and they are not stored in any easily obvious order so that searching for a specific page does not work well. Nor does it seem to save pages unless there is a direct hyper-link to them, which the marking schemes lack.

    I have searched the Internet and spoken with Apple staff without success. If I am posting in the wrong forum I apologise and beg forgiveness but any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you, Michael

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