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    Jul 28, 2016
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    Hi I'm new to the forum , so a quick intro is needed I feel.
    Living in Melbourne Australia , and owner of a couple of iPads , there in lies my problem .
    We have no access to ADSL , heaven forbid the promised NBN , so we use Optus MBB in both devices , one is iPad Air the other iPad Air 2 . The air 2 works well ( as well as can be expected ) the other iPad Air is so slow the Internet is almost unusable at times.
    I have swapped SIM cards , run every update and test I can find , all to no avail.
    This l ads me to think th antenna or modem is less powerful in the iPad then the air2 .
    My question , is there a fix ?
    Just a side note , when I use the iPad thro a hot spot on the air 2 or Wiifi works fast enough to be OK .

    Opinions ?

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