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    Hi All

    Got my new white ipad2 64gb 3g verizon today waited like 3 hours met some nice people was a good time.

    I have a few newbie questions though:

    1- Is there a way to switch the user agent on the browser to make it show in desktop mode? I want to go to through safari to gmail and lookup my contacts or do i just setup my email account on the ipad to get it to show that way?

    2- Show I allow "PUSH" notification from aps?

    3- How do I close apps when done using them

    4- How do i back up within an app to a previous page or area of that app

    5- Is there a way to lock apps by password protection to keep my kids out of my email etc etc

    6- Also was signing up the wife for people mag and downloaded some issues but there didnt seem a way to do it in the background is that possible? I left the app to go surf the web and I came back to the app in a bit and it paused the dl of the issue until i started it again.

    7- This is a crazy one:
    Anyone else come across this yet? Verizon is billed on a prepay basis and will not give you a bill? They just charge your credit card and will not give you an invoice. CRAZY! i need a bill to submit to my company who pays the 3g. Anyone know how to get verizon to send a bill?

    thanks for the help!!!!!!!
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