New Reports Surface about Possible iPad 2 Components and Accessories

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    iLounge has an interesting report today from what it says is a “previously accurate sourceâ€, who has given them some fresh details about possible new components and ideas for forthcoming versions of the iPad. The source apparently told iLounge that some of these ideas and concepts are still in the very early planning stages, and may not even see the light of day, but if accurate it gives an interesting picture of how Apple sees the next-gen iPads developing. For starters, the source says that Apple is currently working on producing NFC accessories to communicate with the near-field radio chips that will most likely be built into the next iPad and the iPhone 5. This could include accessories such as an iPad case with a radio chip built in that would automatically put your iPad into “sleep†mode when it was inserted in the case.

    iLounge’s source also says that Apple is researching the use of new materials for the iPad body, such as a carbon fiber-like material instead of aluminum. This has advanced as far as Apple applying for a patent, and second-gen iPad shells made from the new material have also been spotted, according to iLounge. The source says that the main aim of considering new materials for the iPad body is to try and reduce its weight.

    Finally, and this is quite surprising, the source also says that, despite Steve Jobs saying it will never happen, a 7-inch iPad is still not entirely out of the question. Apparently an iPad, iPhone and iPod component maker has been asked to develop a part that would fit in a 7-inch iPad. The source says that this is still at the very early developmental stages though.

    So, lots more detail to ponder on there!

    Source: New iPad details: RFID/NFC add-ons, carbon body, 7” iPad still in works | iLounge Backstage

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